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How much do we know about our pain?

I have always been interested in the nature and complexity of the pain, it's individual and it's social aspect. One of the major bless od my career is that I can spent a lot of time with people and learn about the different aspects of their lives and learn how it can affect their pain. My master research was about the effect of chronic low back on cognition, which simply means how much having chronic pain will effect our mental performance. Therefore, I was able to assess this complex concept and learn about it using real-time

information individual performances. That is how my interest for learning and managing chronic pain and actually preventing it started.

Pain is a sensation, it is perception, therefore it is very individualized. there is no way to measure someones pain or even to make sure what each person describe for example as a dull pain is the same feeling some one else is experiencing. therefore, like any other feeling, it is multi-factorial. it can be effected from so many factors, like culture, social connections, beliefs, previous traumas, even work environment and someones satisfaction or level of happiness... . Therefore, scientists are learning more and more that to deal with chronic pain we need to have a holistic approach.

Education and learning is one of the major steps of managing chronic pain. As you all have heard of it "knowledge is power" in this case I think it the main power. Understanding chronic pain enables patients to develope coping strategies, it empowers the patients to be in charge of their body again and so decreases frustrations.

In the next post I will describe different aspects of pain.

Lets keeps informed, Lets improve our well being.

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